Hello, I'm TJ and I post free samples to the site every day at various times. I only post free samples that I think are legitimate, and if they aren't working well or I think they would be a waste of your time I ignore them. I submit my personal information to most free samples, so if I'm posting them and you're entering, we're usually in the same boat.

We have 3 options available for receiving samples:
Every Sample: (Best Option) You'll get an email as soon as I post the sample. This is to ensure the samples are fresh, still working, and readily available for you. We have found our subscribers love this option. Sometimes samples run out quick and this is the quickest way to get them before they do.

One Email Per Day: We send you 1 email everyday with all the samples we've found that day. This usually includes 3-7 free samples.

One Email Per Week: We send you 1 email every Monday with the very best samples, based on what our subscribers loved, from the previous week. You'll never receive more than 1 sample email every week.

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